Welcome To Mainstreet Global

We build restaurant and franchise companies bringing in the best in the world restaurant designers to creating leading concepts, celebrity chefs who collaborate on culinary development, executive management to restaurant multi unit and franchise company growth stages.

We bring investment and growth capital to chain restaurant acquisitions and restaurant franchise company joint ventures.

We are a value-added equity partner, helping successful restaurant companies expand beyond their niche markets and establish a thriving global presence.

We work with high caliber, talented and passionate individuals, trend setters and aficionados who aspire to build their restaurant brands internationally.

We partner with concept founders and senior business managers to help them enter, set up and growth their locally successful restaurant concepts in emerging world markets.

We lend our expertise and global network to hotel, hospitality and management companies to designing new concepts or bringing established restaurant brands to their company and hotel properties. We have unparalleled access to multi national and international brands.

We welcome PE firms, Investment consortium’s, conglomerates, hotel companies and local restaurant groups to discuss their business needs.

We believe that through our social responsibility design we can together create personal, business and cultural prosperity.

What motivates me to accomplish my life’s vision is to share & invest in helping you achieve your desire for success.

Ken Gooz
President / CEO
Hospitality/Restaurants/Franchise/Licensing/Aquisitions/Emerging Brands

Investment to grow early stage restaurant companies, financial and management structuring, growth and exit strategies, create revenue streams to asset purchases, maximizing true market value to restaurant brands, hospitality companies.

Advisers.Consultants. Executive Management. Licensing.Culinary. Restructurings. P&L improvements.